::: L@S ELOTER@S :::

A collective of six young, committed Latin(@=a/o) writers from Chicago. We believe our narratives can document cultural and social conditions. We hope to create a new and safe space for Latin@ voices to be valued and heard in the city of Chicago. We nourish each others’ creative and critical processes, as well as support each others personal and professional development. We work/collaborate within our varied communities. We write to survive. We survive to write.

09 February, 2009

Eloter@s read for Flor Crisostomo Fundraiser (Resistance, Not Violence)

As writers who hope to promote social and cultural awareness, and as children of immigrants, L@s Eloter@s were honored to read as a collective on Wednesday, January 28th at Quennect4, for Flor Crisostomo's fundraiser - Resistance, Not Violence.

Resistance, Not Violence was an event held in support of Flor Crisostomo, who currently finds herself in Sanctuary after being threatened by deportation. As an indigenous Zapotec woman, with three children, Flor's opportunities for work have been severely limited by NAFTA, which has exploited the hard work of Mexico's indigenous peoples. Due to the U.S. encouraged presence of large corporations, and the devestation of small companies in Mexico, Flor has been forced into migration as a last resort. This is the story of many undocumented, and documented workers in America.

Flor asked us to be a part of this event and L@s Eloter@s was happy to support the cause for immigration reform. We were humbled and honored to share some of our work in support of immigrant justice and social change. Special thanks to Dalia Rubiano Yadidia and especially Flor. For the struggle and the movement!